SZF inertial vibration hot material conveyor

The SZF inertial vibration hot material conveyor is a long-distance conveying device with a lock-up function.

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SZF inertial vibration conveyor is suitable for conveying various granular materials below medium block and horizontal conveying (≤500 °C) high temperature and high wear materials, such as drying hot slag, cement hot materials.

Five Advantages

  • The vibrating hot material conveyor has long conveying distance, maximum transportation, low energy consumption, low noise, and no hot state adjustment when conveying high temperature materials.
  • Simple structure, convenient installation, less wear and less maintenance work.
  • The vibrating hot material conveyor has stable performance, reliable operation, quick start and stop.
  • Can be more points into and out of the material, good vibration isolation performance, the top of the library can be used.
  • Fully enclosed structure, when the horizontal material sealing and discharging machine, the lock effect is good.


The ZL vibrating fluidized bed dryer consists of a vibrating fluidized bed, a hot air system, a cold air system, a blower, a dust collection system and an operation monitoring control system. By changing the vibration parameters of the fluidized bed, such as the vibration amplitude and vibration frequency, The vibration angle can flexibly control the residence time of the material, so as to accurately control the temperature and water content of the material.


SZF inertial vibration conveyor is a general-purpose conveying machine. Besides being used in the cement industry, it can also be used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, electric power and other industries; it is an ideal new conveying equipment.


  • Delivery volume: 50 tons / hour
  • Machine slot width: 400 mm
  • Transport length: 6 ~ 30 meters
  • Machine power: 
    •    1.5 kW × 2 when the transport length is less than 10 meters
    •    The transport length is 2.2 kW × 2 when it is 10 meters to 20 meters.
    •     When the conveying length is 20 meters to 30 meters, it is 3 kilowatts × 2
  • The overall shape (height × width): 1200 × 730 mm
  • Equipment weight: conveyor weight of about 350 kg per meter.

Installation and use

  • In use, it is strictly forbidden to connect different types and different specifications of belts.
  • Generally, the machine should be started before use to avoid overloading of the motor and slippage of the conveyor belt. Before stopping the machine, all the materials of the belt should be unloaded.
  • Do not let the belt run or snake run during transportation, and adjust it in time.
  • Prevent folding and hard phase pressure during use. It should be used for storage and storage.
  • The direction of the transported material and the speed at which the material falls are consistent with the direction and speed of the belt.
  • The tension should not be too large during use, and it should work under the minimum tension under the premise that the drive roller does not slip and the material does not transition.
  • If there is slipping or pulling during use, the fault should be eliminated in time, and the tensioning system should be adjusted to keep the elastic device flexible.


The conveyor belt of the vibrating conveyor should not be in contact with pollutants such as acid and alkali, oil, water, etc. during transportation and storage, transportation and storage, and be away from heat sources to avoid long-term direct sunlight and rain and snow immersion. It should also be kept from being squeezed during transportation and storage.

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