Explain the characteristics of long-distance vibration conveyor


screw conveyor
Inertial Vibration Conveyor

The vibrating conveyor can be used for horizontal, gently inclined or vertical transportation (ascending along the spiral groove) of various loose materials. It can transport materials of various particle sizes, and can carry out closed transportation of hot, flammable, explosive, toxic, and dusty materials. During the transportation, the process operations such as screening, dehydration and cooling can be completed at the same time.

The trough of the long-distance vibration conveyor is supported by rubber springs or steel springs, and relies on the self-synchronous operation of two vibration motors fixed on the trough to make the trough produce linear vibration. The vibrating conveyor can convey powder, granular, and block materials uniformly, continuously or quantitatively through parabolic motion.

screw conveyor
Inertial Vibration Conveyor

The main features of long-distance vibrating conveyor:

  1. The conveying distance of a single machine can reach 20 meters, and the soft connection of multiple machines can be extended as needed. Single or combined between 5m-45m for users to choose. Two or more sets can be used in stack, and the conveying distance can be increased or the conveying direction can be changed;
  2. Due to the parabolic movement, the trough is less worn and durable;
  3. No transmission parts, no lubrication, convenient installation and maintenance, and low operating cost;
  4. The load characteristics are good, and the amplitude of the machine tank is less affected by the fluctuation of the power supply voltage and the amount of material in the machine tank.
  5. Large conveying capacity, good heat insulation effect, no need for cooling device, low power consumption;
  6. Simple structure, easy debugging, small maintenance, and less mechanical parts wear;
  7. Quick start and stop, stable operation, good vibration isolation performance and low noise.

Vibration Conveyor

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