Understand the performance and role of the balanced connecting rod vibration conveyor

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The vibrating conveyor is mainly composed of an exciter, load-bearing tank, main vibration spring and frame. The equipment is a continuous conveying machine that uses a vibrator to vibrate the material tank, so that the materials in the tank slide or throw in a certain direction。

Tubular electromagnetic vibrating conveyor
Connecting Rod Vibration Conveyor

The link-type vibrating conveyor is a vibrating conveyor with strong practicability, which has stability and reliability when vibrating. The advantages of the balanced connecting rod vibration conveyor are as follows:

  1. Since the inertial force is well balanced, the inertial vibration force (dynamic load) transmitted to the foundation is very small;
  2. When installed on the floor slab or steel structure support, it has the unparalleled vibration reduction advantages of other types of vibration conveyors;
  3. The conveying tank itself does not move, and reciprocates to transmit vibration to the moving material. Therefore, the structure of the conveyor is also very simple, even in narrow places, it is easy to install;
  4. Working noise can be lower than 75dB (A);
  5. It is suitable for the transportation requirements of longer distance and wider groove width;6) Install screens in the conveying tank body, and the single-layer or double-layer conveying tank body realizes the classification or separation of the materials while conveying the materials;
  6. If the balance body is changed to the conveying tank, the upper and lower conveying tanks can be reversed at the same time, and the use effect of the two conveyors can be produced without increasing equipment and space;
  7. The conveying trough body can deal with hot material transportation and cooling operation, and the particle size, corrosion, relative hardness, etc. of the material are not limited. Depending on the transport material, stainless steel plates or plating can also be used;
  8. Drying, cooling, sorting, drainage and other processes can be carried out easily at the same time, making this transfer procedure an extremely efficient transfer method;
  9. Revolving, oscillating, friction, consumption and other parts require little oil injection, and the failure rate is low。
vibration conveyor
Connecting Rod Vibration Conveyor

The connecting rod vibrating conveyor is a near-resonance type vibrating machine。 This equipment has a wide range of application and strong adaptability. It does not have too many requirements for the particle size and humidity of the conveyed materials. Therefore, it is widely used in power, coal, metallurgy, building materials, Food and other industries。

Vibration Conveyor

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