Structural characteristics of double-mass connecting rod vibration conveyor


vibration conveyor
Connecting Rod Vibration Conveyor

The vibrating conveyor is a continuous conveying machine that uses a vibrator to vibrate the material tank, so that the materials in the tank slide or throw in a certain direction.Vibrating conveyor is mainly used for conveying loose bulk or granular materials in the case of horizontal or small inclination.

The vibrating conveyor that generates a near-resonance system between the trough body and the base is called a double-mass connecting rod vibrating conveyor. The conveying trough body and the base of the equipment are connected by a resonance spring to form a resonance system. The motor and the eccentric connecting rod excitation system are installed on the base, and the vibration force is transmitted to the conveying trough body through the elastic connecting rod system, causing the conveying trough body and The resonance of the base, because the mass of the base frame is larger than the conveying tank body, the conveying tank body and the base work in a stable near resonance state, the system tuning value can be flexibly adjusted by increasing or decreasing the weight of the base frame and the spring stiffness to target different densities The material and delivery volume get the ideal working condition.

vibration conveyor
Vibration Conveyor

The advantages of the double-mass connecting rod vibration conveyor are as follows:

  1. Simple structure, high body rigidity, low overall height, easy to arrange and improve working environment;
  2. Long transmission distance, stable amplitude and low energy consumption;
  3. The inclination of the tank and the exciting force can be adjusted by the adjustment mechanism;4) Good shock absorption effect, suitable for installation on floor surface and steel structure bracket;
  4. The guide support swing rod is made of steel plate, and the conveying trough body and the base are connected by an elastic hinge with a special structure, which is firm and reliable;
  5. The tank can be transported in a sealed structure to achieve clean transportation and prevent flying dust;
  6. The conveying trough has little wear, is easy to maintain, and requires little maintenance.

The double-mass connecting rod vibration conveyor can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, coal, chemical industry, light industry and other industries for the feeding system of block, granular and powder materials to achieve continuous, uniform and automatic feeding.

Vibration Conveyor

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