Understand the advantages and application points of eccentric connecting rod vibration conveyor


The vibrating conveyor is a continuous conveying machine that uses a vibrator to vibrate the material tank, so that the materials in the tank slide or throw in a certain direction. It is mainly composed of exciter, load-bearing slot, main vibration spring and frame. It can be used for horizontal, gently inclined or vertical transportation (ascending along the spiral groove) of various loose materials. During the conveying process, the processes of sieving, drying, dehydration, cooling and mixing can be completed at the same time. The materials with much dust and containing harmful ingredients can also be transported with a sealed tank.

Eccentric connecting rod vibration conveyor is also called horizontal vibration conveyor, long-distance vibration conveyor, high temperature resistant conveyor, etc. It is widely used in various industries in various powders, granules, lumps and their mixtures with temperatures below 300℃ Material transportation. For example: transportation of raw materials, intermediate semi-finished products and finished products in the cement industry, transportation of solid raw materials and semi-finished products in the chemical industry, transportation of ores, concentrates and tailings in the mining industry.

vibration conveyor
Vibration Conveyor

Advantages of eccentric connecting rod vibration conveyor:

  1. It can be fully enclosed to eliminate dust pollution, and can also be conveyed open。
  2. Large delivery volume, good heat insulation effect, no cooling device required, less power consumption。
  3. Simple structure, easy debugging, less wearing parts and convenient maintenance   
  4. Start-up, shutdown quickly, stable operation, good vibration isolation performance, low noise。
  5. Convenient installation, no need for special foundation and anchor bolt, easy to move position。
  6. The distance of single machine can reach 20 meters, and the soft connection of multiple machines can be extended as needed.
  7. Multi-point feeding and unloading, suitable for cement clinker and slag bottom and top transportation。
vibration conveyor
Eccentric Connecting Rod Vibration Conveyor

Precautions for use of eccentric connecting rod vibration conveyor (long-distance vibration conveyor / horizontal vibration conveyor):   

1. High temperature resistant conveyors are not suitable for conveying materials with high viscosity and high moisture content and flammable and explosive materials;

 2. If powder materials or powder-based mixture materials are conveyed, the output will decrease.

The eccentric connecting rod vibration conveyor is a highly versatile and advanced structure high-temperature material vibration conveying equipment, which is widely used in construction materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal mining, machinery manufacturing, coal, tobacco, food, medicine and other industries.

Vibration Conveyor

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