Do you understand the structural characteristics of the elastic link type vibrating conveyor


The elastic link type vibration conveyor is a kind of near resonance vibration conveyor. It uses the rotation of an eccentric shaft (also known as a crank) to drive the vibrating tank body to achieve linear reciprocating motion by driving the connecting rod and the main vibration spring. A linear vibration conveyor for material transportation.

The elastic link type vibrating conveyor has the characteristics of low frequency and large amplitude, and has stability and reliability in the state of vibration. This equipment reflects its characteristics for long-distance transportation and thermal work transportation.

vibration conveyor

The elastic link type vibration conveyor is composed of a tank, a frame, a vibration isolation spring, a main vibration spring, an electric motor, a V-belt, a pulley, an eccentric shaft (crank), a driving connecting rod, a driving rubber spring and a supporting swing rod.

The tank body and the bracket are supported by a rigid support pendulum rod and a support spring respectively, and are connected by the main vibration spring, the eccentric shaft, and the driving link to form the excitation force source assembly. The frame is supported by the vibration isolation spring and separated from the foundation. Dual structure.

When the motor drives the eccentric shaft (crank) to rotate through the V-belt pulley, the drive connecting rod and the rubber spring drive the trough to achieve linear reciprocating motion (linear vibration) to drive the animal material forward for directional throwing motion to achieve the purpose of conveying.

The elastic link type vibrating conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low energy consumption, no dust spillage, and low noise. It is widely used in powder and granular industries in metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemicals, food, etc. Material handling.

Vibration Conveyor

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