The characteristics of the fully balanced vibration conveyor are not ordinary


The vibrating conveyor is mainly composed of load-bearing components, elastic elements and vibration exciters. This equipment is a continuous conveying machine that uses a vibration exciter to vibrate the trough so that the material in the trough slides or throws in a certain direction.

The vibrating conveyor has simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low energy consumption, and no dust spillage. It is mainly used for conveying loose block or granular materials under horizontal or small inclination.

The fully balanced vibration conveyor is a new type of balanced connecting rod vibration conveyor developed on the basis of the double-mass resonance type. In addition to the advantages of the double-mass resonance type, it also has the following advantages:

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Vibrating Conveyor
  1. Since the inertial force is well balanced, the inertial vibration force (dynamic load) transmitted to the foundation is small;
  2. When installed on the floor surface or steel structure support, it has a better damping effect of other types of vibration transmission;
  3. The conveying tank itself does not move, and transmits vibration to the moving material by reciprocating motion. Therefore, the structure of the conveyor is also simple, and it is easy to install even in narrow places;
  4. Suitable for transportation requirements of longer distance and wider groove width;
  5. Install a screen in the conveying tank body, and the single-layer or double-layer conveying tank body can realize the classification or separation of materials while conveying materials;
  6. Processes such as drying, cooling, sorting, and drainage can be easily carried out at the same time, making this transfer procedure an extremely efficient transfer method;
  7. The conveying tank can handle the transfer and cooling operation of hot materials, and the particle size, corrosivity, and relative hardness of the materials are not restricted. According to different transportation materials, stainless steel plates or plating can also be used;
  8. Rotation, swing, friction, consumption and other parts require little lubricating oil, low failure rate, simple and convenient maintenance。

Vibration Conveyor

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