What are the characteristics and applications of inertial vibration conveyors


The inertial vibration conveyor is a long-distance conveying device that has a lock-up function. The machine is suitable for conveying various medium-sized blocks of positive and negative granular materials and horizontally transporting (≤500°C) high-temperature and high-wear materials, such as drying hot slag and cement clinker. The inertial vibration conveyor uses two vibration motors as the excitation vibration source. Using the self-synchronization principle, the two vibration motors rotate in the opposite direction, so that the balance frame at the bottom of the conveyor produces reciprocating vibration. After the main vibration spring and the guide leaf spring, the upper part is driven. The trough is vibrated to achieve the purpose of conveying the material.

screw conveyor
Motor Vibration Conveyor

        The characteristics of the inertial vibration hot material conveyor are as follows:

  1. Long conveying distance, large conveying capacity, low energy consumption, low noise, no hot state adjustment when conveying high temperature materials.
  2. The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, the wear is small, and the maintenance workload is small.
  3. Stable performance, reliable operation, quick start and stop.
  4. It can be used for multi-point feeding and discharging, and the vibration isolation performance is good.
  5. Fully enclosed structure, when the horizontal material sealing and discharging machine is used, the wind locking effect is good.
screw conveyor
Motor Vibration Conveyor

The inertial vibration conveyor has two types: open type and closed type. The cross section of the groove can be made into a variety of shapes such as a circle, a rectangle and a trapezoid.

The vibration conveyor groove uses rubber spring or steel reed support, relying on the self-synchronous operation of two vibration motors fixed on the groove, so that the groove produces straight vibration, amplitude is stable, and the material is transported evenly. The inertial vibration conveyor can be made into three forms: upper vibration, lower vibration and side vibration.

The inertial vibration conveyor is a universal conveying machine. Besides being used in the cement industry, it can also be used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, electric power and other industries. It is an ideal new conveying equipment.

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