The original inertial vibration conveyor is so powerful


A vibrating conveyor is a continuous conveying machine that uses an exciter to vibrate a chute so that the materials in the chute can slide or throw in a certain direction.

The vibration conveyor is mainly composed of an exciter, a bearing groove, a main vibration spring and a frame. It can be used to transport various loose materials horizontally, slowly, or vertically (ascending along the spiral groove). During the conveying process, screening, drying, dehydration, cooling, mixing and other processes can be completed at the same time.

screw conveyor
Inertial Vibration Conveyor

The inertial vibration conveyor is a vibration machine that works with the excitation force generated by the rotation of the eccentric block. It is mainly composed of six parts: an exciter, a working body, an elastic element, an eccentric block, a main shaft, a bearing and a bearing housing.

The inertial vibration conveyor is driven by an inertial shaker, and the eccentric block rotates to generate a periodic centrifugal inertial force, thereby driving the working body to periodically vibrate. The mass and eccentricity of the eccentric block determine the amplitude of the vibrating body. The speed of the eccentric block is the operating frequency of the vibrating body. Changing the transmission ratio or changing the speed of the motor can change the operating frequency of the vibrating body.

Inertial vibration conveyor is a general-purpose conveying machine. It has the characteristics of stable operation, simple structure, convenient feeding and unloading, high temperature resistance, and low wear. Inertial vibration conveyor can be used to convey various materials in the form of block, granule or powder, normal temperature or high temperature. Widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical, food, glass, ceramics and other industries.

Vibration Conveyor

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