Describe the working principle and characteristics of long-distance vibrating conveyor


The long-distance vibrating conveyor adopts two vibration motors as the excitation vibration source. Using the self-synchronization principle, the two vibration motors rotate in the opposite direction, so that the balance frame at the bottom of the conveyor produces reciprocating vibration, which is driven by the main vibrating spring and the guide leaf spring. The upper conveying trough vibrates to achieve the purpose of conveying the material.The long-distance vibrating conveyor has two types: open type and closed type, and the cross section of the trough can be made into various types such as a circle, a rectangle and a trapezoid.

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Vibration Conveyor

Long-distance vibration conveyor features:

  1. The equipment starts and stops quickly, the operation is stable, the vibration isolation performance is good, the noise is small, and the tank body wear is extremely small.
  2. Large conveying capacity, light weight and good heat insulation effect. And the power consumption is less, only 20-50% of the general conveying equipment.
  3. The load characteristics are good. The amplitude of the slot is affected by the fluctuation of the power supply voltage and the amount of the transmission. It can start normally under full load and overload conditions.
  4. Simple structure, easy debugging and long service life.
  5. easy to install, no need for special foundation and anchor bolts, easy to move position, less variety of wearing parts, easy maintenance.
  6. good isolation performance, easy to feed and discharge multiple points, especially suitable for cement clinker and slag storage top.
  7. The inlet and outlet ports can be different from the site, and can be fed in multiple ports, one-out discharge; multi-port feeding, multi-port discharging and other forms. It is suitable for cement clinker and slag bottom and top storage.
  8. can be fully enclosed transport, eliminate dust, but also open transport. In special cases, different types of materials can be transported at the same time.
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Long-Distance Vibrating Conveyor

The long-distance vibrating conveyor is a highly versatile and advanced structure high-temperature material vibrating conveying equipment, which is generally used for long-distance transportation of powdery and granular materials. The vibration conveyor is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal and other industries.

Vibration Conveyor