Points of attention for vibration conveyors during installation and construction


The vibrating conveyor is a continuous conveying machine without a traction member. It uses the principle of mechanical resonance to transport materials. The vibrating conveyor is mainly composed of a bearing member, an elastic member, an exciter, and the like. The power source of the drive mechanism of the vibrator foot vibration conveyor is used to generate an exciting force to cause continuous vibration of the bearing groove. The magnitude of the exciting force directly affects the amplitude of the load, and its alternating frequency is the operating frequency of the conveyor.

The carrier is a trough-shaped or tubular vibrating trough. During the vibration process, energy is transferred to the material to make a continuous throwing motion along the conveying direction. The carrier is a vibrating body and needs to have sufficient rigidity and strength. The vibration-damping support device is both a support device for the whole machine and a vibration-damping device.

vibrating conveyor
Vibrating Conveyor

So what are the problems that should be paid attention to during the installation and construction of the vibrating conveyor? See the following points for details:

1. Handle gently during transportation to avoid deformation of components;

2. If problems are found during the test run, they should be stopped for treatment;

3, bracket welding should pay attention to the welding sequence, reduce welding deformation;

4. Bonding work should be carried out in a well ventilated place;

5, tape cutting tools should have depth control fixtures;

6, disable open flames;

7, the environment should be dustproof.

vibrating conveyor
Vibrating Conveyor

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Vibration Conveyor

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