Understand the characteristics of screw conveyors


Screw conveyor is the new generation production . The head and tail bearing have been moved outside from shell. By adopting sliding bearing, dustproof sealed device and slide block, that make screw conveyor easy to install and maintain,which uses rotary spiral vane to push materials continuously in closed housing in round section.

screw conveyor
Motor Vibration Conveyor

Understand the characteristics of screw conveyors:

  1. Adopt high-quality steel pipe with good integral rigidity.
  2. Adopt double-pitch paddles, which decrease the compression degree of material when being transported, and avoid blocking.
  3. Adopt high-quality reducer with heavy-duty design, large torque and low noise.
  4. Adopt optional universal ball joint, which facilitates installation, adjustment and steering.
  5. Inlet equipped with high quality middle-hoisting bearing and tail bearing.
  6. Sufficient spare parts with complete specification.
  7. Large stock for common diameter of 165,219,273, 323 and 407, and dimension & angle can be customized according to your requirement.
  8. Assembled by standard parts and components, which makes it convenient for transportation.
screw conveyor
Motor Vibration Conveyor

screw conveyor is widely used in food, chemical, building materials, metallurgy, mining, power and other departments, mainly for the transmission of small particles, powder, small pieces of material. It is not suitable to transport materials that are easily deteriorating, have larger stickiness, and have higher moisture content.

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