Solutions to reduce vibration noise generated by inertial vibration conveyor


        Inertial vibration conveyor is a kind of long-distance conveying equipment that has the function of locking wind.

        The inertial vibration conveyor uses two vibration motors as the source of excitation vibration. Using the principle of self-synchronization, the two vibration motors rotate in the opposite direction, causing the balance frame at the bottom of the conveyor to reciprocate. The main vibration spring and the guide leaf spring drive the upper The conveying tank vibrates to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.

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Vibrating Conveyor

        Features of inertial vibration conveyor

1. Large conveying capacity, light weight and low power consumption.

2. Good load characteristics. The groove amplitude of the machine tank is little affected by the voltage fluctuations on the delivery volume; fast start, can start normally under full load; fast stop, the whole machine is stable when stopped.

3. Simple structure, easy commissioning, less wear parts and less maintenance.

4. Easy installation. No special foundation and anchor bolts are needed for easy movement.

5, good isolation performance. Therefore, it is suitable for cement clinker and slag warehouse roof transportation.

6. Reliable work, low noise and no dust pollution.

screw conveyor
Vibrating Conveyor

        Vibration conveyors mainly work with vibration. However, the operation process of the conveyor will cause vibration of other parts of the conveyor and surrounding equipment, thereby generating noise. In order to reduce the vibration transmitted to the foundation to reduce the impact of vibration on other working machinery, the commonly adopted solution is to use a vibration isolation device.

        Through reasonable selection of relevant parameters of the vibration system, including the main vibration system and the vibration isolation system, the vibration transmitted by the main vibration system is absorbed by the vibration isolation system as much as possible to achieve the purpose of vibration isolation.

        Therefore, an effective method to reduce vibration is to adopt active vibration isolation technology on the basis of passive vibration isolation of the vibration conveyor to improve the working efficiency and vibration transmission rate of the conveyor.

        Inertial vibration conveyor is a kind of general-purpose conveying machinery. In addition to being used in the cement industry, it can also be used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, power and other industries.

Vibration Conveyor

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