To understand the structural characteristics of the inertial vibration conveyor


The vibrating conveyor is mainly used for conveying loose block or granular materials under horizontal or small inclination. The vibrating conveyor has simple structure, low energy consumption and convenient maintenance。

The inertial vibration conveyor mainly uses a vibration motor as a driving source, and uses the vibration of the trough to quickly transport the material in the trough from the inlet to the outlet. The inertial vibration conveyor can be used to transport various materials in block, granular or powder form, normal temperature or high temperature。

vibration conveyor

Structural features of inertial vibration conveyor:

  1.    1、Large conveying capacity, light weight and low power consumption。

  2、The load characteristic is good, and the amplitude of the machine tank is little affected by the voltage fluctuation on the conveying capacity.

  3、Simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, less wearing parts and less maintenance。

  4、No special foundation and anchor bolts are needed, which is convenient to move。

  5、Good seismic isolation performance, suitable for cement clinker and slag storage roof transportation。

  6、reliable work, low noise, no dust pollution。

The inertial vibration conveyor starts and stops quickly and smoothly. Its conveying distance is long, the conveying volume is large, the energy consumption is low, the noise is small, the wear is small, and the maintenance workload is small. The equipment is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical industry, Food, glass, ceramics and other industries  。     

Vibration Conveyor

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