Features of inertial vibration hot material conveyor are not ordinary


Inertial vibration hot material conveyor is a kind of long-distance conveying equipment with wind-locking function。It uses two vibration motors as the source of excitation vibration. Using the principle of self-synchronization, the two vibration motors rotate in the opposite direction to produce a balance frame at the bottom of the conveyor The reciprocating vibration,through the action of the main vibration spring and the guide plate spring, drives the upper conveying groove to vibrate, thereby achieving the purpose of conveying materials。

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Inertial Vibration Hot Material Conveyor

About the advantages of inertial vibration hot material conveyor:

  1. Stable performance, reliable work, fast and stable starting and stopping.
  2. Long conveying distance, large conveying capacity, low energy consumption, low noise, no thermal adjustment is needed when conveying high temperature materials.
  3. Multi-point feeding and discharging, good vibration isolation performance, can be used at the top and bottom of the warehouse.
  4. Fully closed structure, when the horizontal material sealing and discharging machine is used, the wind locking effect is good.
  5. simple structure, easy installation, less wear and tear, small maintenance workload.

Inertial vibration hot material conveyor is suitable for conveying various powders, granules, lumps and mixtures with a temperature below 800 ° C. This conveyor is an ideal new type of conveying equipment.

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