Vibration conveyors can be classified according to the type of structure


        Vibrating conveyor is a continuous conveying machine without traction components. It uses the principle of mechanical resonance to transport materials.

        Vibrating conveyors can be divided into various categories according to their structural types.

Classification by drive device

  1. The elastic link type vibration conveyor is driven by the elastic link.
  2. Electromagnetic vibration conveyor is composed of electromagnetic exciter.
  3. Inertial vibration conveyor is composed of inertial vibration exciter.
screw conveyor
Vibrating Conveyor

Classification by dynamic state and dynamic factors

  1. According to the dynamic state, it can be divided into non-resonant vibration conveyors (usually working in far-over resonance state) and near-resonance vibration conveyors.
  2. According to the number of vibrating masses, it can be divided into single mass vibration conveyors, dual mass vibration conveyors and multi-mass vibration conveyors.
  3. According to the linear and nonlinear characteristics of the system, it can be divided into linear vibration conveyor and nonlinear vibration conveyor.
  4. According to the balance of the two quality breaks, it can be divided into balanced vibration conveyor and unbalanced vibration conveyor.

Classification by Conveying Mode 

  1. Horizontal vibration conveyor.
  2. Slightly tilt the vibration conveyor up or down.
  3. Vertical vibration conveyor.
screw conveyor
Vibrating Conveyor

Classification by material movement status

  1. Vibrating conveyor for sliding movement of materials.
  2. Vibrating conveyor for material throwing motion.

        Vibration conveyor has a simple structure, low energy consumption, less lubrication points and wearing parts, and convenient maintenance. This equipment can be widely used in powder and granular material transportation in metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry, glass, electric power, machinery, food and other industries.

Vibration Conveyor

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