To understand the performance characteristics of vertical vibration conveyors


Tubular electromagnetic vibrating conveyor
Vertical Vibration Conveyor

The vertical vibration conveyor is forced to vibrate through the exciter, so that the transmission tower makes linear vibration in the vertical direction and torsional vibration around the vertical center axis. The conveying process of the material along the spiral groove is up. Vertical vibration conveyor is composed of lifting trough, vibration motor, vibration reduction system and base. The vertical vibration conveyor can vertically convey all powdery, fast and short fiber micro solid materials, and can also complete the drying and cooling of the materials. Separate trough type and closed type.

The vertical vibration hoist uses a vibration motor as the vibration source. The center line of two vibration motors of the same model fixed on the lifting groove is installed at a certain angle and rotates in the opposite direction. The eccentric block of the vibration motor is rotated during rotation. The centrifugal force components generated at each instantaneous position make reciprocating movements in the throwing direction, so that the entire body supported on the shock absorber is constantly vibrating, and the material is moved upward while being thrown up in the lifting tank, and the material falls into the material After the tank, it will be thrown up. At this time, the material can be fully contacted with the air, and it can also play a role of heat dissipation and cooling.

Tubular electromagnetic vibrating conveyor
Vertical Vibration Conveyor

When the vertical vibration conveyor works, according to the self-synchronization principle of the dual vibration motor, the vibration motor generates the exciting force, forcing the entire conveying tower body to make horizontal circular motion and upward vertical motion in the space, and the material in the spiral groove is transported. The function of the trough is to throw a circular motion at a constant speed and move upward along the conveying trough to complete the upward (or downward) conveying operation of the material.

The main characteristics of vertical vibration conveyor (hoist) are as follows:

  1. The product covers a small area, which is convenient for process layout.
  2. Low noise, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance.
  3. Material can be conveyed upwards or downwards.
  4. The structure is simple and reasonable, the energy consumption is small, the electric energy is saved, and the trough wear is small.

Vibration Conveyor

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