It is important to regularly maintain the vibration conveyor


A vibrating conveyor is a continuous conveying machine that uses an exciter to vibrate a chute, thereby sliding or throwing materials in the chute along a certain direction. Vibration conveyor is mainly used for conveying loose bulk or granular materials in the case of horizontal or small inclination.

The vibration conveyor is mainly composed of an exciter, a bearing groove, a main vibration spring and a frame. Except for some parts of the vibration mechanism, there are few relative rotating parts.

screw conveyor
Vibration Conveyor

During the use of the vibration conveyor, regular maintenance of the vibration conveyor is required to increase the service life of the equipment and reduce the failure rate. Specific requirements are as follows:

1. As the vibration conveyor is vibrating, the coupling may be loose due to vibration. Although an elastic washer is added during installation, the operator should check frequently to avoid loosening, and tighten it if found loose.

2. The running parts of the equipment, such as bearing housings and tie rod bearing housings, are provided with grease nipples. Before each shift is started, calcium-based or lithium-based grease should be injected to ensure lubrication and make the running parts work normally.

3. Once the operator finds an abnormality in his work, he should stop and check in time to eliminate the fault.

4. Always check whether the bearing is damaged. If it is found to be damaged, replace it with a new bearing of the same type in time.

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Inertial Vibration Conveyor

5. There is a safety cover at the transmission of the large and small V-belt wheels. After the shutdown and maintenance are completed, a protective cover should be installed in time to prevent danger.

6. Due to the reciprocating swing motion during the work, the staff is away from the body during the work. Do not touch it with your hands to avoid personal accidents.

The relevant knowledge about the vibration conveyor is explained above, remember it!

Vibration Conveyor

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