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The motor vibration conveyor is suitable for uniformly and continuously feeding blocky, granular and powdery materials from the storage bin or hopper to the receiving device. The motor vibration conveyor uses the vibration of the material tank to quickly transfer the material in the material tank from the inlet to the outlet. It can be used to transport various materials in the form of blocks, granules or powder, normal temperature or high temperature.

ZDS motor vibration conveyor is composed of vibration motor or vibration exciter, load-bearing body, shock-absorbing support, load-bearing foundation and related supporting accessories.

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Motor Vibrating Conveyor

When the excitation force generated by the motor vibration conveyor acts on the working conveyor body through the exciter, the tank body is subjected to directional forced vibration under the constraint of the main vibration spring.

When the trough body vibrates forward, the friction energy between the material and the trough body is used to transfer the kinetic energy to the material to accelerate the movement of the material. At this time, the movement direction of the material is the same as the vibration direction of the trough body.

When the tank body vibrates backwards, the material will continue to move forward due to inertia, and the tank body moves backward from under the material. Due to the resistance in the movement, the material passes over a section of the tank body and falls back to the tank body.

When the tank body vibrates forward again, the material is conveyed forward due to acceleration. Such repeated circulation realizes the transportation of materials.

According to the requirements of the on-site use environment and the characteristics of the conveyed materials, the carrier of the conveyor can be processed into U-shaped grooves and tubular structures using different materials, and can be made into an open or closed type according to the sealing requirements to meet different processes Process; because the equipment carrier is a metal part and the lubrication point is far away from the material.

screw conveyor
Motor Vibrating Conveyor

Therefore, the motor vibration conveyor can not only transport all kinds of normal temperature and ordinary materials, but also transport a lot of high-temperature, toxic and other unconventional materials; if special processing is carried out on the carrier, the material can be screened, dried and added during the transportation process Process requirements such as temperature and cooling.

The motor vibration conveyor has a simple structure, light weight, low noise, easy installation and maintenance, various forms and specifications, and can meet the requirements of different use environments. The equipment is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemicals, food, glass, ceramics and other industries.

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