ZL Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

ZL Vibrating fluid bed dryer, is a new type of drying equipment. The vibrating fluidized bed drying and cooling system is designed by the principle of vibration fluidization, featuring high efficiency, energy saving and excellent performance.

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According to the needs of the control system, hot and cold air temperature, pressure sensor and discharge end infrared moisture detector can be set to realize the dynamic automatic control of the whole system and improve the stability of material quality.


1. The fluidization is stable, and there is no dead bed and blow through phenomenon, so that a uniform product can be obtained.

2. Smooth operation, convenient maintenance, low noise and long equipment life.

3. Adapt to the width of the surface, for different bulk density, particle size, water content, water-based materials can be adapted.

4. The surface damage to the material is small, can be used for the drying of fragile materials, the material particles are irregular, and does not affect the working effect.

5. The working environment is clean, can work continuously.

6. High heat utilization efficiency and obvious energy saving effect.


The ZL vibrating fluidized bed dryer consists of a vibrating fluidized bed, a hot air system, a cold air system, a blower, a dust collection system and an operation monitoring control system. By changing the vibration parameters of the fluidized bed, such as the vibration amplitude and vibration frequency, The vibration angle can flexibly control the residence time of the material, so as to accurately control the temperature and water content of the material.

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