ZLZ 1060 Vibrating fluid bed dryer


ZL Vibrating fluid bed dryer is a new type of drying equipment. The fluidized bed dryer enters the machine from the feeding port. Under the action of vibration force, the material is thrown along the horizontal fluidized bed and moves forward continuously. The hot air passes through the fluidized bed and exchanges with the wet material. The wet air is discharged by the exhaust air 1: 3 after the dust is removed by the cyclone. The dry material is discharged from the discharge inlet.

Vibrating fluid bed dryer
Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer


When ZLZ 1060 Vibrating fluid bed dryer is used as a drying device, it can have both drying and cooling functions, and the product can be directly packaged.


1. The vibration source is driven by a vibration motor, which runs smoothly, is easy to maintain, has low noise, and has a long life.

2. The fluidization is uniform, without dead space and blow-through, and can obtain uniform dry and cooled products.

3. Good adjustability, wide application area. The thickness of the material layer, the moving speed in the machine and the full amplitude change can be adjusted steplessly.

4. The damage to the surface of the material is small, and it can be used for drying fragile materials. The irregularity of the material particles does not affect the work effect.


The ZLZ 1060 Vibrating fluid bed dryer consists of vibrating fluidized bed, hot air system, cold air system, blower, dust collection system, and operation monitoring and control system.

Vibrating fluid bed dryer
Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer


The vibration fluidized bed is to increase the vibration of the bed on the basis of the fluidization of the material, so that the material has a process of throwing and loosening. The two are organically combined to achieve the effect of low bed fluidization. It differs from traditional fluidized bed dryers in that the material conveyance and fluidization of ordinary fluidized bed dryers are completely completed by wind (hot air), while vibration fluidized bed dryers are mainly completed by vibration force. The minimum fluidization speed of the material can be reduced, especially the particles near the bottom are fluidized first, which improves the fluidization quality of the particles at the bottom, and enables some materials that are difficult to be fluidized to perform normal drying operations.


ModelOverall dimensionsL×W×H(mm)Fluidized bed sizeL×W×H(mm)Fluidized bed power(kW)
ZLZ 10606510×2030×21106000×1000×3002×3


ZLZ 1060 Vibrating fluid bed dryer is suitable for the drying and cooling of powdery and granular materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dehydrated vegetables, grain, mineral and other industries. Such as: citric acid, monosodium glutamate, borax, ammonium sulfate, compound fertilizer, shredded radish, soybean meal, lees, seeds, slag, sugar, etc.

Installation and use:

Any abnormal phenomena (such as vibration, sharp noise, and excessive temperature rise) during the operation of the equipment should be stopped immediately and checked until the cause is found and eliminated. If necessary, please contact the company. The equipment cleaning process may involve live parts, chemical carcasses or high temperature carcasses. Please follow the instructions in the product’s instruction manual to avoid electric shock, bumps or falls.


The control system of ZLZ 1060 Vibrating fluid bed dryer can be set with hot and cold air temperature, pressure sensor and infrared moisture detector at the discharge end according to the needs, to achieve dynamic and automatic control of the entire system and improve the stability of material quality.

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