ZLZ 1260 Vibrating fluid bed dryer


ZL vibrating fluidized bed dryer, referred to as a vibrating fluidized bed, is a new type of drying device that applies a specific required vibration source to an ordinary fluidized bed dryer.

Vibrating fluid bed dryer
Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer


Vibrating fluidized bed is a new type of fluidized and efficient drying equipment suitable for drying granular and powder materials. It has the advantages of easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection.


1. Fast drying speed. It only takes 10-30 seconds to complete one drying.

2. Good drying effect. One time can dry materials with high water content to moisture content ≤ 0.1%.

3. Good quality of finished products. The fluidization is uniform, without dead space and blow-through, and can obtain uniform dry and cooled products.

4. Good dry environment. The fully enclosed structure effectively prevents cross-infection between materials and air, and the operating environment is clean.

5. Low energy cost. Energy saving of 30-60% compared with general drying equipment.


The ZLZ 1260 Vibrating fluid bed dryer consists of vibrating fluidized bed, hot air system, cold air system, blower, dust collection system, and operation monitoring and control system.

Vibrating fluid bed dryer
Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer


The vibrating fluidized bed drying equipment is made by the vibration motor to make the bed vibrate, the material to be dried advances under the action of the exciting force, and the hot air input from the bottom of the fluidized bed makes the material in a fluidized state. The particles are in full contact with the hot air to remove the moisture and achieve the desired drying effect. The material enters from the feeding port. The material on the vibrating tank and the hot air flowing in the lower part of the vibrating tank are in orthogonal contact with each other for heat transfer and humidity change. The dry products are discharged from the discharge port.


ModelOverall dimensionsL×W×H(mm)Fluidized bed sizeL×W×H(mm)Fluidized bed power(kW)
ZLZ 12607510×2400×25706000×1200×3002×4


ZLZ 1260 Vibrating fluid bed dryer are widely used in the drying, cooling and humidification of granular materials in the chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food additive and other industries, showing obvious advantages for materials with high heat sensitivity.

Installation and use:

Any abnormal phenomena (such as vibration, sharp noise, and excessive temperature rise) during the operation of the equipment should be stopped immediately and checked until the cause is found and eliminated. If necessary, please contact the company. The equipment cleaning process may involve live parts, chemical carcasses or high temperature carcasses. Please follow the instructions in the product’s instruction manual to avoid electric shock, bumps or falls.


The control system of ZLZ 1260 Vibrating fluid bed dryer can be set with hot and cold air temperature, pressure sensor and infrared moisture detector at the discharge end according to the needs, to achieve dynamic and automatic control of the entire system and improve the stability of material quality.

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