Dewatering vibrating screen


The GPS Dewatering screen is excited by the self-synchronization principle, the noise is low, the overall rigidity of the vibrating screen is large, and the operation is stable and reliable.

Dewatering screen
Dewatering Screen

The vibration exciter adopts the optimized box-type and eccentric block external structure, which is generally grease-lubricated and easy to maintain, and the high-frequency vibrating screen has low running cost.

The high-frequency vibrating screen adopts curved and negative dip straight-line dewatering screen surface, which is beneficial to dehydration and formation of filter layer, high efficiency and large processing capacity.

GPS series Dewatering screen suitable for coal slime or tailings dewatering operation, widely used in coal preparation plant, concentrator and so on.

This product adopts double self synchronous motor box vibrator, advanced structure. With the high vibration frequency and large processing capacity, dehydration effect is good, easy maintenance, durable, etc.


Dewatering screen different from the principle of ordinary Linear vibrating screen, due to the high frequency of the high-frequency vibrating screen (high-frequency screen), on the one hand, the tension of the slurry surface and the high-speed oscillation of the fine-grained material on the screen surface are destroyed, and the large-density useful mineral is accelerated. And the separation effect increases the probability that the material of the separated size is in contact with the mesh.

Dewatering screen
Dewatering Screen

Thereby, better separation conditions are caused, so that the material smaller than the separation particle size, especially the larger particles and the slurry, pass through the sieve to become the undersize product.


Low noise and easy maintenance

Dewatering vibrating screen
Dewatering Vibrating Screen

Reasonable structure, sturdy and durable

Good dehydration effect, safe and reliable

Cleaning and replacing the screen is simple and convenient

Light weight, easy to disassemble, easy to maintain, no sudden break spring


The screen box has no vibration

Only the screen surface has vibration.

The vibrating amplitude of the screen surface can reach 1~3mm

The vibration intensity Is 3-4 times as strong as that of general screening equipment, so the screen mesh can never be blocked.

The screen surface has an excellent self-cleaning ability

High efficiency and a large capacity.

The screen mesh is made of composite stainless steel , and the opening rate is as high as 38%. Besides

The screening angle can be adjusted.


Coal, mining, petroleum, chemical and other industries, coal slime, tailings, material recovery, dewatering and grading.


When the equipment is in normal operation, the ore concentration of the sieve should be observed frequently to control the concentration to about 40% in order to improve the classification efficiency.

Dewatering vibrating screen
Dewatering Vibrating Screen

Because of the high classification efficiency of the sieve, the dewatering performance is good, and the concentration of the sieve is high, so that the slurry in the sieve amount chute is poor in fluidity and should be equipped with a water pipe.

electromagnetic exciter and control box should be strictly protected against water, so as to avoid short circuit. The vibrator should be covered with a rubber plate to prevent water and slurry from falling into, causing a short circuit and blocking the air gap.

Check whether the bolts of each part are loose at any time and whether the screen frame collides with the chute.5. Attention should be paid to the current meter pointer not to exceed the value. When the screen machine is operated for about half a month, the current and current should be adjusted to a near value (generally 8-9A) for 4-5 minutes to shake off the back of the screen.

The excitation current (amplitude) can be adjusted according to the nature of the ore and the operation requirements. In order to make the sieve work under the condition of high efficiency, the excitation current condition test can be performed.

After the sieve is used for 1 month, the sieve is removed, and the 180° U-turn is performed to enhance the “cutting” effect of the sieve to improve the classification efficiency.

When the slurry is fed too far into the sieve, the position or angle of the screen frame should be adjusted in time to avoid affecting the classification efficiency.


Modelscreen surfaceVibration frequency /HzAmplitude/mmParticle size/mmProduction capacity/t/hMotorTotal Weight/kg
layer numberArea/m2Mesh sizeScreen formModelPower /kw
GPS123613.960.25-1Crack, mesh241.5-1.75≤505月12日Y132S-42×5.53012
GPS143114.340.25-1Crack, mesh241.5-1.75≤5010月18日Y132S-42×5.53280
GPS153114.650.25-1Crack, mesh241.5-1.75≤5015-20Y132S-42×5.53575
GPS143715.180.25-1Crack, mesh241.5-1.75≤5016-22Y132S-42×5.53436
GPS163715.920.25-1Crack, mesh241.5-1.75≤5020-30Y132S-42×5.54015
GPS183716.660.25-1Crack, mesh241.5-1.75≤5023-40Y132S-42×5.54425
GPS203617.20.25-1Crack, mesh24.31.5-1.75≤5025-50Y132M-42×7.55525
GPS2045190.25-1Crack, mesh24.31.5-1.75≤5026-55Y132M-42×7.56415


1, when you place an order in addition to indicate the type, quantity, must also indicate the mesh and mesh form.

2, the motor can be installed on the left or right, if there are any installation requirements please indicate, otherwise the installation drawing form provided by supplier.

3, if users have special requirements, our factory can do non-standard design and manufacture for the user.

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