Electromagnetic Screener


DZS Electromagnetic Screener is mainly used in the packaging process to separate the coarse particles in the cement to obtain qualified cement.

Electromagnetic Screener
Electromagnetic Vibrating Screen


1. The electromagnetic vibrator of DZS electromagnetic vibrating screen has eight mounting angles: 90°, 82.5°, 67.5°, 60°, 52.50°, 45°, 37.5°, 30°. DZS electromagnetic vibrating screen can be used according to the output and Screening accuracy requires self-adjustment;

2. The value of the front and rear damping hook distance 714 in the figure is 60 ° installation angle;

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder screen
Electromagnetic Vibrating Screen

3, the production capacity in the table is 3 * 3 screen, 60 installation angle value, need to increase the production capacity can be changed screen specifications or adjust the installation angle.


Specification600×1500Power W750
Screen size mm3×3Hz50
MaterialCementCurrent A7.3
Vibration frequency min3000 /minPower V380
Capacity t/h30Weight kg581

Vibrating Screen