Gyratory vibrating screen

Gyratory vibrating screen The main function is to provide accurate separation of materials without product deterioration, thereby resulting greater product yields at higher production rates. Gyratory vibrating screen consists of top cover, top sc..
Gyratory sifter

Gyratory sifter

HSSJ Gyratory sifter


Gyratory sifter
Gyratory sifter

Gyratory vibrating screen is a new high standard screening equipment, also known as Swing vibrating screen.

Gyratory sifter is driven by a motor with an eccentric mechanism operation, the screen box section swing in the horizontal plane as the plane through the three solutions, the trajectory of the screen box near the traditional manual screening trajectory sieve

Gyratory Vibrating Screen of screening machine is fully sealed structure, the overall structure is more compact, screening efficiency, high utilization screen, long screen life, low noise, can be installed hanging, seat type, easy to use, no pollution, is a ideal environment-friendly screening equipment. It can be widely used in chemical, ceramic, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, mining, food and other industries in the accurate classification of fine materials.


The materials do the reciprocating-gyratory motion along with the gyratory sifter running, and there is not vertical jump during the gyratory screen running period, the little size material will go to the bottom of the flow bed along moving forward, the material particle will pass the mesh aperture when the particle size is less than the gyratory separator aperture size. The reciprocating gyratory motion will make the material flow bed touch the screener mesh surface with longer time for increasing the screening efficiency.

The reciprocating gyratory motion of the Gyratory vibrating screen will spread the material flow bed evenly along with the screener mesh bed after material fall into the inlet, the material flow bed will be very thin after being spread, it is good for material screening , and the material screening precision and capacity will be increased.

The screen deck of gyratory sifter equipment consist of mesh, spring clamp, ball trays and self-cleaning balls. The self-cleaning balls jump ceaselessly along with gyratory screener operation, the ball could hit the screen mesh in order to let the mesh vibration, so the material blocked in the mesh aperture or adhered to the mesh surface will be cleaned out, it could make sure the aperture ratio so guarantee the screening efficiency.

The gyratory sifter do not have vertical vibration, so it do not have much load request on the base foundation, it is much lower than the vibration model screener, so the gyratory screener could save steel structure cost, the customer do not need to consider the install load limited.


Reasonable design, mature technology, easy installation and maintenance, wide application scope;

High screening efficiency , precision and processing capacity;

Vibrating Screen
Dust cover and Observation window of Gyratory sifter

sieve box tranche adjustment can swing stroke.

Vibrating screen below to play with high elasticity vibrationMake the material not easy to block;

Good sealing, balance weight can provide slight vibration and low noise, environmental protection.

Combination of Circle, elliptic, linear motion, high screening effect .Suitable for various material screening

Equipped with automatic tension and automatic cleaning sieve net installation system which can make the screen mesh long service life and high efficiency , change the screen mesh conveniently.

Vibrating Screen
Quick Lock Clamps of vibrating screen

Reinforced base ensure the equipment operation machine more balance, can also according to the actual site conditions the perching hook to meet customer’s reform needs

Vibrating Screen
Inlet of Gyratory sifter

Improve wire rope hanging structure, to avoid steel wire wear

Vibrating Screen
Surface of Gyratory sifter mesh

Two or three decks screen frame design can be choosed.

Vibrating Screen
Self-cleaning ball Prevents the Screen Blocking

Used for powder or granule feed screening and grade, can also be used for voidance of raw materials in feed factory,the grading of intermediate products after second smashing.

Vibrating Screen
Change the Gyratory sifter easily

Work force on the sieve material particles is small, the material by gravity through the screen, so the screening process small damage to the material, particularly suitable for the convection resistance, brittle material for screening.


Reciprocating Gyratory Motion

Gyratory sifter with Gyratory reciprocating motion provides efficient distribution, stratification, and sifting resulting in higher yields and less rejection of good material.

Easy Operation

Stable operation, high performance, reduce the screening costsThe self-cleaning ball could avoid the mesh blocked.

Easy Sifter Mesh Replacing

The mesh is fasten on the deck vis spring clamp, it is easy to change the mesh

Wearable and Reliable

High quality and wearable structure featuring abrasion and corrosion resistant stainless steel.


About the separation equipment, we usually call it plant rotary screen because of its moving track is gyratory along a circular on one plane.

It has been successfully applied to screening granular urea in fertilizer plant.

But it is also used to screen other thounds of different materials and is suitable for many industries and application as below:

Gyratory sifter
Gyratory sifter

Chemical, carbon product, wood chips, grain cleaning, mineral, fertilizer, steel shot, clay, animal feed etc.wet river sand,sea sand,sugar, Refractory materials , Etc.


ModelSieve Size(W×L)LayersScreen box stroke/mmMotorABCDWeight/Kg
(mm)Power/ KwSpeed/r/minmmmmmmmm

Vibrating Screen