SZZ self-fixed centre shale shaker

Uses and Features

SZZ self-centering trajectory circular vibrating screen, the whole series consists of ten bell specifications for coal, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other sectors, the small particle size of materials for dry classification, screening machine structure is simple, rugged and reliable, maintenance convenient and efficient.

Selection Information
1, single and double sub-screen machines, in addition to SZZ1800 × 600 vibrating screens are hanging.
2, woven mesh sieve structure and punching sieve.
3, the motor can be mounted on the left or right, no special installation required by the installation diagram.
4, the motor rated voltage of 380V, the choice of proof or different rated voltage of the motor, such as the selection Please specify when ordering.
5, in the selection, are subject to change screen surface inclination requirements for seat type can be designed sieve, sieve for hanging rope length adjustment by the user through the davit device to achieve.
6, foundation bolts all owned by the user.

Product model according to the sample

Note: the capacity of coal is loose density of 0.9 t/m3 according to the minimum and maximum mesh on the upper screen surface dry classification given, graded material in less than screen hole radius of particles content accounted for 40%, is greater than the screen hole size particle concentration 25%, screening efficiency is 90%.
Every screen in the table of split a largest amount is lower than 2 t not listed.