GD series circular vibration screen

Uses and Features

GD type circular rotating sieve is after the introduction of foreign advanced technology and carry on the improvement of the originality design created an advanced screening equipment. This machine by the base of ordinary motor driven in vibrator through rubber coupling, sieve machine make horizontal motion and space around the horizontal axis swing vibration compound movement. Screen by shear of material layer, and the rolling up and down, fine particles of contact surface rapidly, via grading.
This machine is used to dry wet, thickness and weight of different screening of various materials, can also be used for solid-liquid separation, FeiWuShui processing, etc., widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, papermaking, medicine, food and feed processing production line and separate from all walks of life. Compared with reciprocating vibrating screen with more flexibility, and has a simple structure, low consumption, low noise, high screening efficiency, etc, can meet the process requirements of multistage screening, the machine material movement and vibration power size can be adjusted. Screen mesh with the impact device, not easy jam, tensioning easy, convenient exchange, service life is long, discharge direction should be changed, dynamic load on the install base transfer is small, simple installation and debugging.

Ordering instructions

1, the machine can be equipped with two ~ four layers of the grading sieve. When ordering, please indicate the types and specifications, the required equipped with screen requirements, material, hole shape, number, order number.
Circular vibrating grade 2, more than the standard specifications screen according to user requirements design and production.