DD/ZD Mine uniaxial vibrating screen

Uses and Features

DD, ZD type mine single shaft vibrating screen movement round, the series has a total of seventeen clock specifications, available for mining, coal, electric power, building, chemical industry and other departments of medium grain material dry classification for screen with rubber sieve plate classification effect on coke material, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient repair, operation reliable, high screening efficiency, through the screen performance.

Selection Information 
1, single and double sub-screen machines, and both hanging and pedestal of the points.
2, woven mesh sieve structure and rubber sieve, such as the use perforated screen can be designed.
3, the motor can be mounted on the left or right, no special installation required by the installation diagram.
4, the motor rated voltage of 380V, such as the selection explosion or different rated voltage of the motor, please specify when ordering.
5, in the selection, are subject to change screen surface inclination requirements for seat-style screen can be designed for hanging the screen by the user by adjusting the length of rope hanging device to achieve.
6, a total of 32 M20 foundation bolts supplied by the user.

Technical parameters

Note: the capacity is loose density of 1.6 t/m3 ore according to the minimum and maximum mesh on the upper screen surface dry classification given, graded material in less than screen hole radius of particles content accounted for 40%, is greater than the screen hole size particle concentration 25%, screening efficiency is 80%.
Every screen in the table of split a largest amount is lower than 2 t not listed.