PZS Efficient vibrating screen

Uses and Features

PZS series high efficiency vibration sieve, novel and unique structure, breaking the traditional design scheme, a vibrating source directly drives the screen part vibration; and the screen frame does not participate in the vibration, so that the light weight, small excitation power, saving power, is a new type of screening machinery advanced.
The vibrating screen can be used in the cement, lime, gypsum and the like dry powder material sieving, is the ideal screening equipment sieve conveying equipment and packaging equipment.

Structural characteristics

1, the machine advanced structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, smooth operation, the vibration motor direct drive screen work.
2, PZS series high efficient vibrating screen is made of high qualified steel wire braided net, excellent durability, convenient replacement and maintenance, screen mesh of 4 * 4 mm or 5 * 5 mm.
3, than rotary screen saving electricity benefit is remarkable, high screening efficiency.

Technical performance parameters

ModelYield/t/nScreen sizeScreen angleVibration frequency(Beats / min)Motor Power
PZS-30305×5 7°9600.75
PZS-60605×5 7°9600.75
PZS-90905×5 7°9601.5
PZS-1201205×5 7°9601.5
PZS-2002005×5 7°9601.5