PQG self cleaning drum sieve

Uses and Features

At present is given priority to with the burning of inferior coal power plant of circulating fluidized bed boiler, grew rapidly in the country. But there is given priority to with coal gangue, coal slime fuel usually sticky and wet, dirty, miscellaneous, etc, are widespread screening machine stick screen, wall screen, low screening efficiency and long running time and high energy consumption of coal crusher wear large, overload and phenomenon. In view of the situation above, our company developed the unique drum sieve sieve.

Drum screen is the plane vibrating screen, cantilever vibrating screen after the generation of new screen equipment, it is widely used in particle size in 400 mm below the sieving of various kinds of solid fuel. Cage for the drum screen has a wide adaptability of coal, coal way is simple, high screening efficiency, large screen component, low energy consumption, low noise, strong sealing performance, long service life, less maintenance, maintenance is convenient, and many other advantages, the screening capacity of 150 t/h – 420 t/h, even higher.
Products since the market, favored by the majority of customers. Because of its unique performance characteristics, completely solves the other screen type can’t solve the problem. As in the coal moisture content of 10% or more, the other type screen can’t work normally, the drum screen of my company development even to the next higher coal moisture can normal screening, never appear stick sieve, sieve and overload phenomenon. As a result, my company development and production of drum screen is the most novel, the most current technology can solve the practical problems of power plant preferred type screen.

Structure and working principle of the equipment

Drum sieve structure as shown below: It consists of a housing, screen cylinder, sieve tube bracket, reducer, reducer seat of several parts. After mechanical drive by motor reducer, passed gear, so that rotation of the screen cylinder gear.
The main structure is a screening trommel barrel, which is composed of several annular screen flat composed of whole and ground plane is inclined, was sealed off from the outside of the sealed cover to prevent environmental pollution. Sieved through a variable speed gear system allows the cylinder to rotate at a certain speed, fired from top to bottom to be separated by sieving cylinder, fine material is discharged from the lower part of the front-end screening drum, drum sieve coarse material from the lower end of the tail. Trommel screen has a comb-clear mechanism in coal-screening process, through the comb clean sieve sieve tube institutions and relative motion, reaching for uninterrupted clean sieve effect, so that the entire work process screening tube always kept clean, non-stick, non-blocking, does not affect the screening efficiency.

Production capacity(t/h)100150200300
Cylindrical screenSize(mm)ф1200×2520ф1475×2520ф1750×3020ф1912×3020
Transfer speed(r/mm)20.4316.514.112.88
Linear velocity
Feed size≤250≤250≤250≤250
Discharging granularity≤10≤10≤10≤10
Reducer technical parametersModelGR77-100GR87-90GR87-80GR87-80
Output revolutions (r/min)100908080
Total Weight(kg)