FG Spiral classifier

Uses and Features

FC spiral classifier suitable for coarse grading, washing sand, overflow can be changed according to need at wide trough.

Model and meaning

The working principle

Slurry from the inlet into the sink is located in the central depression area, inclined installation of tank bottom is mortar classification sedimentation area, screw rotation at low speed, the mortar mixing effect, make the light fine-grained clay suspension to the above, flow to the edge overflow weir overflow, heavy sand particles sinking to the bottom of the channel, by the spiral to the discharging mouth eduction.FG spiral classifier structure and principle of FC spiral classifier is roughly same (structure schematic drawing). FG of spiral classifier overflow dam position higher than the center of the bottom of screw axis bearing, but below the overflow on the spiral, has a certain subsidence area, it is suitable for the coarse sand washing. And FC spiral classifier overflow the whole spiral exhaled in subsidence area under the liquid level, the subsidence area has a large area and depth, it is suitable for fine grain of sand washing.