FC spiral classifier

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Uses and Features

FC spiral classifier suitable for fine grading, washing sand.

Specifications and Performance

Working principle

Mortar from the feed in the settlement of Central District in the sink, tilt the lower tank is installed mortar classification sedimentation zone, screw rotation speed, mixing effect on mortar, making light of fine sediment suspension to the top, flow to the overflow side weir overflow, coarse sand particles settling to the bottom, the spiral conveying to row discharge port.


FC spiral classifier is mainly composed of the following parts.
1, the transmission device, including motor, small pulley, v-belt, reducer and cylindrical gear.
2, the sink.
3, spiral, including screw axis, blade, lining board.
4, feeding port.
5, improve mechanism: including motor, reducer, and a pair of bevel gears.
6, the lower bearing: the lower bearing shaft seal has carried on the significant improvements, actual use prove twice the length of a traditional design life.