WCD sand washing machine

Uses and Features

WCD type spiral sand washing machine is applicable to the construction site, sandstone factory, glass factory, hydropower stations and other units used the small particles of sand washing, grading and dehydration.

Model and meaning

Working principle

Spiral sand washing machine is formed in the lower part of inclined sedimentation tank arranged spiral head, not into the settling tank by the motor through reducer, helical drive screw rotation, the bottom of the tank into the wash water, thereby completing the three functions of cleaning, dewatering and grading.
This machine is of spiral type, mainly consists of the following components (see diagram)
1, width weir.
2, a lower seat.
3, spiral: including screw shaft, blades, lining board.
4, water tank comprises a tank body, left and right: an overflow weir and feeding box.
5, the transmission device: including motor, belt pulley, V-belt, size of cycloid reducer (or shaft mounted speed reducer).
6, into the hopper.