JZB series vibrating grate plate

Uses and Features 

Vibration grate plate is a grille, placing it in the upper trough, can prevent rust due to freezing or form a large group of chip shape or block material into the trough, or large materials will cause jams at the bottom of the trough. Due to the vibration of the grille, at the same time of prevent large materials into the trough, chip shape, block the normal size of can quickly fall into the trough, not on the grille, bonding strength on some small agglomerate can also plays a role of loose, debris, the maintenance personnel can safe protection role, so it’s ideal upper trough equipment. Vibration shakeout of grate plate can also be used for casting and other purposes. Due to its simple structure, low cost, has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, machinery, building materials and other industries.

Model specification

Structural features

Vibrating the vibrator by the grate plate, the vibration motor, the support spring, the spring holder and other components. Grate plate welded structure, grate hole size according to the material type and user requirements.
Grate plate support spring rubber spring or spiral steel spring, according to the site of the installation environment, spring or arranged in the lower part of both sides of the grate plate, or arranged in the lower part of the grate plate of four sides.
Grate plate generally use a vibrating motor, with an area of over 20 square meters large vibrating grate plate vibration motor can be both exciting.

technical performance parameters

型 号筛面
型 号功率

Installation requirements
1, the installation of vibrating grate plate bottom spring bearing face should level off, to ensure that each spring is in the same horizontal plane, bearing roughness error is not more than 3 mm.
2, needs to keep vertical rubber spring, such as a skew, should adjust the position of the lower spring bearing spring support after the position adjustment is find, spot welding on the installation of the floor slab.
3 cable fuses in vibration, vibration motor, cable hanging curvature radius should be kept more than 90 mm. Cable from the vibration of the motor points to the distance between cable fixed bracket should keep 500-1000 – mm.