YKR Circular motion vibrating screen


Circular vibrating screen
YKR Cricular Motion Vibrating Screen

YKR circular vibrating screen movement round, for coal, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industry as the material used for the classification.

YKR Circular motion vibrating screen processing capacity, technical parameters, structure of high strength, high rigidity, stable and reliable, low running noise, convenient maintenance.


The frequency, amplitude and angle of vibrating screen can be adjusted, which increases screening efficiency.

It can use the wire screen or polyurethane screen (tension type and modular type) with different mesh size.

The vibration exciter has been designed with block eccentric, external modular and integrated, and can be lubricated by oil lubrication or thin oil automatic lubrication.

Elimination of vibration technology is applied to avoid horizontal shaking caused by sympathetic vibration when start or stop the machine.

Side flange, beam and the support base all adopt high-strength bolts, full screen without welding fatigue stress.

The use of vibration damping technology can avoid the start to stop due to resonance caused by lateral shake.

Vibration spring is a composite rubber spring with the features of stable vibration and low noise.

The vibrating screen dust seal device can be optional according to the customer needs.

Circular vibrating screen
YKR Cricular Motion Vibrating Screen

It is optional to use the dust-proof sealing device for the vibrating screen according to customers’ request.


Stronger Screen Box

YKR Circular vibrating screen is made up of a whole Q345 steel plate with bending processing. This guarantees the stability of the machine under its working enviornment.

Rivet Structure

The sieve deck and the screen box are connected by rivets instead of traditional welding structure. This structure is much more stable and endurable.

Thin Oil Lubrication

With the application of thin oil lubrication technology, YKR Circular vibrating screen has low noise. Moreover, this applicance has increased 25% of the screen capacity and enhanced 30% endurablity.

Larger Shaft, Larger Power

YKR Circular vibrating screen has larger amplitude as installed with larger eccentric shaft. This process has effectively enhanced the working efficiency and production quality.


Applied with the advanced structure and reliable thin oil lubricating system, YKR Circular motion vibrating screen is outstanding among all the vibrating screens in the market.

Circular vibrating screen
YKR Cricular Motion Vibrating Screen

Extra eccentric blocks are available to add on to increase excited force.

With the advantages above, YKR Circular motion vibrating screen is characterized with durable, low noise, and easy maintainence.

It’s mostly applicable for stone sieving procedure in quarry, as well as in coal, ore beneficiation, building material and chemindustry.


ModelScreen surfaceParticle size/(mm)Handling capacity (t/h)Frequency (Hz)Double amplitude (mm)MotorWeight(Kg)EachpivotworkloadThe maximum dynamicload
Area(m2)Inclination (°)Screen size (mm)StructureModelPower(Kw)
YKR10222.3  Woven mesh, 27~247.5  Y132S-45.520607643820
YKR12303.6  Slit screen, 43~396  Y132M-47.525809114555
YKR12374.5  Punching mesh, 54~495  Y132M-47.528978704350
YKR14375.3  Rubber mesh, 63~577.5  Y160M-41130878854425
YKR14456.3  Polyurethane screen 75~693  Y160M-411387415447720
YKR16376    72~660  Y160M-411377119609800
YKR16457.21513 ﹤30086~79213.677Y160L-4154901242612130
YKR18376.8  81~742.5Y160L-4154490218510925
YKR18458.135100  97~8911510Y160L-4154886240112005
YKR18529.5    113~1039.5  Y180M-418.55021220011000
YKR20459    108~990  Y180M-418.56025238011900
YKR205211    126~1155  Y180M-418.56835245012250
YKR206012    144~1320  Y180L-4227297238111905
YKR244511    129~1188  Y180L-4226923235211760
YKR245213    151~1386  Y180L-4227248283914195
YKR246014    172~1584  Y200L-4309460308715435
YKR304514    162~1485  Y200L-4308673333216660
YKR305216    189~1732.5  Y200L-4309225333216660
YKR306018    216~1980  Y200L-430###343017150
YKR365219    227~2079  Y225S-437###453022650
YKR366022    259~2376  Y225M-445###500025000


Single and double sub-screen machines.

Mesh structure has woven mesh, punch plate, stainless steel mesh, crack mesh, rubber and polyurethane mesh sieve and so on.

When the upper 3 double sieve sieve sieve size selected more than technical performance parameters specified in mesh size, according to user requirements.

Motors (ordinary type Y, Ex-YB) voltage is 380 volts and 660 volts are two, and can be mounted on the left or right, without instructions, press Y motor 380 volts left loaded for delivery.

Selection, are subject to change screen surface inclination requirements can be designed.

User-owned foundation bolts.

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