ZSG Linear vibrating screen


Linear vibrating screen
ZSG Vibrating Screen

ZSG series of highly efficient heavy-duty vibrating screen is a new screening equipment, it is widely used in mining, coal, power, metallurgy, building materials, refractory and other industries for large fast-like materials, the small granular materials grading operations.


ZSG series of highly efficient heavy-duty vibrating sieve surface is inclined to install, compared with other similar products have the following features:

Small volume and large screening capacity;

Light weight, easy to install and process layout;

Less energy consumption can save a lot of energy;

The price is low and the amount of spare parts is extremely small;

Linear vibrating screen
ZSG Vibrating Screen

The structure is simple and the appearance is beautiful;

The screen is assembled from small pieces and the replacement is extremely simple.


Linear vibrating screen
ZSG Linear Vibrating Screen

ZSG series high efficient heavy vibrating screen by the vibration device, screen box, dust cover, hopper, vibration damping device, the base and other parts.


ZSG series Linear vibrating screen, vibration force produced by vibrator passed through the sieve box to the screen in the screen and exciting force because of the vibrator for longitudinal force, force the screen box drives the screen surface longitudinal displacement before and after, under certain conditions, the material on the surface of the mesh was thrown forward for subjected to exciting force, smaller than the mesh material as it falls through sieve and fell to the lower, trajectory for parabolic movement on the surface of the material in the screen, due to the material movement so that the cycle, thus finish material screening homework.


ZSG series Linear vibrating screen of machine power plant have vibration motor direct drive and vibrator indirect drive two forms

Can meet different environmental needs;

Screen surface has a metal mesh grid, the rods, casting, welding, punching a variety of forms, such as screen surface has both a single layer and multilayer arrangement

Can satisfy different screening requirements.

ZSG series Linear vibrating screen is a commonly, also can according to need to hanging.


Open type for the pedestal, no dust cover plate structure for large screening capacity, screening job no dust pollution particulate materials.

Closed for seat type, fully enclosed structure for large handling capacity, dust particles contaminated materials screening operations.

Metallurgy, mining, coal, build materials, chemical and electric power industries for high level screening of granule and powder material, and most widely used in metallurgy industry at blast furnace discharge, coking plant and mineral processing plant.


TypeZSG – 10 × 20ZSG – 10 × 30ZSG – 15 × 30ZSG – 15 × 40ZSG – 15 × 50ZSG – 20 × 50ZSG – 20 × 60ZSG – 20 × 70
Handling capacity (t/h)10 – 20015 – 25020 – 35025 – 40030 – 50050 – 50060 – 60065 – 600
Particle size(mm)≤250≤350≤400≤400≤400≤400≤400≤400
Screen size(mm)3-503-1503-2003-2003-2003-2003-2003-200
Frequency r/min960960960960960960720720
Double amplitude (mm)8-128-128-126-106-106-1010-158-12

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