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dzs vibrating conveyor
vibrating conveyor

DZS30-300 vibratory conveyor

DZS type vibrating conveyor utilizes the vibration of the trough to quickly transport the materials in the trough from the feeding port to the discharging port. DZS type vibrating conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, lightweight, low noise, reliable operation, no dust pollution, convenient installation, and maintenance, etc.

Specification of DZS30-300 vibratory conveyor

ModelProductivity(t/h)Conveying distance(mm)Vibration frequency(r/min)AmplitudeVoltage(v)Power(kw)Weight(kg)
dzs vibrating conveyor
vibrating conveyor

Types of DZS vibratory conveyor

DZS series vibrating conveyor has two types: open vibrating conveyor and closed vibrating conveyor. The feeding and discharging of the trough of DZS type vibrating conveyor can also be made into one-point feeding, one-point discharging, one-point feeding, multi-point discharging, multi-point feeding, and one-point discharging, and other types according to the needs. When the conveying distance of DZS type vibrating conveyor is long, multiple conveyors can be connected for conveying.

Advantages of DZS conveyor vibration system

DZS type conveyor vibration system is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical industry, grain, glass, ceramics, and other industries.

dzs vibrating conveyor
vibrating conveyor


DZS series vibration conveyor material trough is supported by a rubber spring or steel spring, relying on the self-synchronized operation of two vibration motors fixed on the material trough, so that the material trough produces linear vibration. DZS type vibrating conveyor works in the over-resonance area, so the amplitude is stable and the material is conveyed evenly.

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