DZS30-500 motor vibration conveyor

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The DZS30-500 motor vibration conveyor is suitable for feeding block, granular and powder materials from the storage bin or hopper to the receiving device evenly and continuously. The conveyor can be filled with a single feed, multiple discharge or multiple inlets. The material can be discharged at one mouth, etc., and the discharge port can be straight, oblique or downward. Various gates can be set at the discharge port. Multi-layer conveying can be set. The screen can be added to make the conveyor screen. In order to facilitate transportation and installation, it can be made into bolt connection segment body. Equipped with a vibration motor inverter, it can achieve speed regulation during operation.

DZS motor vibrating conveyor
DZS Motor Vibrating Conveyor


DZS30-500 motor vibration conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low energy consumption, no dust spillage, small tank wear, and low noise.


1. Large amount of transportation and low power consumption;

2. Start, stop quickly, stable operation, good vibration isolation performance, low noise;

3. The structure is simple, easy to debug, less variety of wearing parts, easy to maintain;

4. Can be more points into, unloading, suitable for cement clinker and slag reservoir bottom, storage top;

5. Can be fully enclosed transport, eliminate dust pollution, but also open transport;


DZS motor vibration conveyor can be completed according to user needs:

Lower vibration type (X): The vibration motor is placed under the conveyor;

Upper vibration type (S): The vibration motor is inserted above the feeder;

Speed ​​regulation (T): The vibration frequency of the vibration motor can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 0-rated frequency;

Open type (K): The conveyor is open above and is more continuous down vibration type;Sealed (F): The conveyor is completely sealed except the inlet and outlet;

Spindle type (Z): For large (heavy) conveyors, the seat type structure is generally used.

DZS motor vibration conveyor
DZS Motor Vibration Conveyor


DZS30-500 motor vibration conveyor, the material tank is supported by rubber springs or steel springs, relying on the self-synchronized operation of two vibration motors fixed on the material tank, so that the material tank generates linear vibration.


DZS30-500 motor vibration conveyor are mainly used in various industries such as mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, electric power, chemical industry, machinery, light industry, and grain.


ModelProductivity(t/h)Conveying distance(mm)Vibration frequency(r/min)AmplitudeVoltage(v)Power(kw)Weight(kg)

Installation and use:

1. It can be installed horizontally, or it can be installed within the range of 0 ~ -12 ° according to requirements (“-” sign indicates that the discharge end is down).

2. The connection between the vibration motor and the conveying trough should be firm.

3. Before starting, check whether the included angle between the adjustable eccentric block and the fixed eccentric block of the two vibration motors is consistent.

4. Trial start and observe whether the two vibration motors are turning in opposite directions. If it is not, the two two-phase wiring of any vibration motor should be replaced.

5. After the machine is turned on, observe that the body must not have lateral swing, the motor current must meet the requirements, and the machine has no abnormal sound.


DZS motor vibration conveyor can be made according to the user’s lightning: lower vibration type, upper vibration type, speed regulation type, open type, sealed type, seat type structure.

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