FZS400-30-1700 vibration conveyor


Fzs400-30-1700 single cylinder connecting rod vibrating conveyor is a medium distance trough conveyor. Its capacity per hour is designed to be 30 cubic metres, with a maximum rated length of 17 metres and a slot width of 0.4 metres.


FZS400-30-1700 simplex body connecting rod vibration conveyor is used to complete the transportation of powdery and granular materials, especially suitable for fine powder materials that are difficult to transport, such as fly ash, cement, charcoal, coal powder, emery.


⑴FZS400-30-1700 simplex body connecting rod vibration conveyor structure is simple, compact, less lubrication points and lubrication points are not in contact with the material, no special installation requirements, it is easy to install, low maintenance workload.

⑵ Good sealing performance, conveying dust resistance, toxic, volatile material on environmental pollution, and multi-point and multi-point discharge feed.

⑶ Resonance due to the use of the principle of mechanical vibration to learn, low power consumption, power consumption is the same length than the same transport conveyor screw conveyor productivity half less.

⑷ Material during transportation due to jump ahead run in a parabolic trajectory, so the machine groove wear slight increase three times more life than screw conveyor.

⑸ Operating noise is not more than 75Db (V).

⑹FZS single plastid rod vibrating conveyor capable of frequent starts and long-term continuous operation at rated amplitude condition.


FZS400-30-1700 simplex body connecting rod vibration conveyor
ModelProductivity( m³/H)Trough width(mm)Trough lengh(mm)Motor Power(Kw)Weight(kg)Dimensions
Middle section(kg/m)Drive section(kg/m)Width(mm)Height(mm)
FZS400-30-17003040017005.5180900 700 1100
Remarks: For the explanation of model FZS400-30-1700, the first number refers to the slot width, the second number refers to the productivity, and the third number refers to the conveying distance.
vibration conveyor
FZS Implex Body Connecting Rod Vibration Conveyor


The conveying length FZS simplex body connecting rod vibration conveyoris 6-40 meters. The width of the conveying trough has three specifications: 400mm, 500mm, and 630mm.


FZS400-30-1700 simplex body connecting rod vibration conveyor is suitable for power, coal, metallurgy, building materials, food and other industries.


After the installation and commissioning of the single-mass connecting rod vibration conveyor, no-load continuous trial operation shall be performed for no less than 8 hours. During the operation, pay attention to the changes of the conveyor amplitude, working current and noise, and confirm that there are no abnormal phenomena before putting it into normal operation.

Vibration Conveyor

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