GZTS type dewatering vibrating conveyor


GZTS type dewatering vibrating conveyor is a set of vibration equipment designed by our company with dehydration, conveying and low noise function.

GZTS type dewatering vibrating conveyor
GZTS Type Dewatering Vibrating Conveyor


1. Organically combine vibration transmission, dehydration, vibration absorption and other functions together.

2. Desurface the conveyor and conduct mirror polishing, which will not damage the outer package of ham sausage and other food.

3. The conveying dewatering tank is made into a detachable type to facilitate cleaning and replacement after abrasion.

4, The material is designed to be slightly thrown motion state, so that the groove plate wear small.

5, Small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure: low energy consumption, low noise, conducive to energy saving and improve the working environment.

6, Can be equipped with a braking control system, so that the start, stop fast and stable, but also easy to achieve centralized control and automatic control.

7. Simple installation and operation, smooth and reliable operation, and convenient maintenance.

vibrating conveyor manufacturer
Vibrating Conveyor Manufacturer


GZTS low-noise dewatering vibration conveyor is widely used in the dewatering and transportation of granular and bulk materials in light industry, chemical industry, food, food, medicine and other industries. It is especially suitable for food enterprises to dehydrate and transport food such as ham sausage.


1. Screen width: 950mm

2, Sieve surface length: 1575mm

3. Screen size: φ10mm

4, Processing volume: 1t / h

5, Motor power: 2 × 1.1kW

6, The overall shape (length × width × height): 2000 × 1300 × 1400mm

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