LS200 Screw conveyor


The LS screw conveyor is also called the auger conveyor, which is a replacement product of the GX screw conveyor. It is used to transport chemical or building materials such as powder or solid particles with higher temperature.

LS Screw conveyor
LS Screw Conveyor


The temperature of conveying materials should be less than 200. Degree, LS screw conveyor is not good for the transportation of large viscosity, easy to agglomerate, large particles and fragile materials.


1. Simple structure, easy debugging, less variety of wearing parts and convenient maintenance.

2. Large conveying capacity, good heat insulation effect, no need for cooling device and low power consumption.

3, start, stop quickly, stable operation, good vibration isolation performance, low noise.

4, easy to install, easy to move the location.


The LS200 screw conveyor consists of a cover plate, a U-shaped casing, a screw, an inlet and outlet material port, a suspension bearing, an electric device, etc., and the spiral impeller rotating by the screw conveyor pushes the powdery and small granular materials along the casing to reach The effect of delivery.

LS Screw conveyor
LS Screw Conveyor


The spiral blade of the LS screw conveyor conveys the material and carries the screw conveyor, so that the force of the material not rotating together with the screw conveyor blade is the weight of the material itself and the friction resistance of the screw conveyor casing to the material. The spiral blade welded on the rotating shaft of the screw conveyor has a solid surface type, a belt surface type, a blade surface type and the like according to different materials to be conveyed. The screw shaft of the screw conveyor has a thrust bearing at the end of the material moving direction to give the axial reaction force of the spiral with the material. When the length of the machine is long, the intermediate hanging bearing should be added.


LS200 screw conveyor is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal mine carbon, grain and other industries. It is used for the transportation of horizontal or inclined materials (inclination angle is less than 15 degrees). According to customer’s customization, the temperature of conveying materials should be less than 200. Degree, LS screw conveyor is not good for the transportation of large viscosity, easy to agglomerate, large particles and fragile materials.




Before the LS screw conveyor is started, it cannot be discharged to the feed port. The screw conveyor should be started when there is no material in the casing. The no-load start can make the equipment reach the performance. In order to ensure the no-load start of the screw machine, the conveyor should stop feeding before stopping, and stop the operation after the material in the casing is exhausted. During the initial feeding, the feeding speed should be gradually increased until the rated conveying capacity is reached, and the feeding should be uniform. Otherwise, the accumulation of the conveying materials and the overload of the driving device are easily caused, thus affecting the service life of the screw conveyor.

Do not mix hard large materials into the material to be transported to avoid damage to the screw caused by the screw jam.


It is necessary to do the daily maintenance work of the screw conveyor. In the course of use, the working status of each part of the screw machine is often checked, and the fasteners are loose. If the parts are loose, the screws should be tightened immediately to make them stronger. The cover of the screw machine should not be removed while the machine is running to avoid accidents.


The L200 screw conveyor can be customized according to the customer’s different production conditions and production purposes. The production materials can be all carbon steel, some stainless steel, and all stainless steel. For the food hygiene requirements, the main material is recommended for stainless steel. Carbon steel is not required.

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