Motor vibration conveyor


The DZS motor vibrating conveyor uses the vibration of the trough to quickly transport the material in the trough from the inlet to the discharge. The vibrating conveyor chute is supported by a rubber spring or a steel spring. The self-synchronous operation of the two vibrating motors fixed on the trough produces linear vibration of the trough, stable amplitude and uniform material transportation.

The DZS motor vibration conveyor has two types: open type and closed type. The cross section of the groove can be made into a variety of shapes such as circular, rectangular and trapezoidal.

motor vibration conveyor
Vibration Conveyor


When the motor vibration conveyor acts on the working conveyor body through the exciting force generated by the vibration exciter, the tank body is subjected to directional forced vibration under the constraint of the main vibration spring.

When the tank body vibrates forward, the moving energy is transmitted to the material by the friction between the material and the tank body, so that the material accelerates, and the moving direction of the material is the same as the vibration direction of the tank body.

When the tank body vibrates backwards, the material will continue to move forward due to the inertia, and the tank body will move backwards from the bottom of the material. Due to the resistance during the movement, the material will fall over the tank body and fall back to the tank body.

When the tank vibrates again forward, the material is transported forward due to acceleration. This cycle is repeated to achieve material transport.


1、 Simple structure, light weight, low noise, reliable operation。

2、For all kinds of granular materials, powder material。

3、Stable function, little materials drop out during the transportation。

4 、no dust pollution,easy installation and maintenance。

5、 Reliable work, no dust pollution, easy installation and maintenance。

motor vibration conveyor
Vibration Conveyor


DZS motor vibration conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, low noise, reliable operation, no dust pollution, convenient installation and maintenance. Widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemicals, food, glass, ceramics and other industries。

How to use:

1、The motor vibration conveyor can be made into three forms: upper vibration type, lower vibration type and side vibration type。

2、The power supply of the two vibration motors of the motor vibration conveyor is three-phase 380V, 50Hz。

3、Before the empty running test, check the bolts of each part, especially the anchor bolts of the vibration motor. After 4 hours of continuous operation, the bolts of each part should be tightened once again, and tightened 2-3 times in a week。

4、The rotation direction of the two vibration motors should be opposite when working.When the air test is running, check whether the conveyor is running smoothly, and pay attention to the temperature rise of the vibration motor bearing. After 4 hours of continuous operation, the higher bearing temperature should not exceed 75 °C。


1、The connection between the vibration motor and the trough should be firm。

2、Before starting the machine, check whether the angle between the adjustable eccentric block of the two vibration motors and the fixed eccentric block is correct. If it is inconsistent, adjust it to the same and tighten the fastening bolts。

3、Test start. Observe that the two vibration motors are the opposite of the scent. If it is not the opposite direction, replace any two-phase wiring of any vibration motor。

4、After starting the machine, observe that the body should not have lateral swing, the motor current should meet the requirements, and the whole machine has no abnormal sound。

5、 During the operation of the motor vibration conveyor, the amplitude, vibration motor current and motor surface temperature should be checked frequently. The front and rear amplitudes are required to be uniform, and the vibration motor current is stable. If an abnormal situation is found, it should be stopped immediately。


DZS motor motor vibration conveyor can be made according to user needs:

Lower vibration type: the vibration motor is placed under the conveyor。

Upper vibration type: the vibration motor is placed on the feeder。

Speed ??regulation type: the vibration frequency of the vibration motor can be steplessly regulated within the range of 0-rated frequency。

Open type: the conveyor is open on the top, which is more suitable for the lower vibration type;Sealed type: the conveyor is sealed except for the inlet and outlet。

Pedestal type: For large (heavy) conveyors, the seat structure is generally adopted。

Vibration Conveyor

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