NE15 bucket elevator

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NE15 bucket elevator belongs to a kind of vibration conveyors, it is the most widely used vertical lifting equipment. It is suitable for vertical conveying of large and medium-sized abrasive such as limestone, cement clinker, gypsum and lump coal. Below 250 ° C.

The NE15 bucket elevator adopts self-flowing charging. The gravity unloading chain is a high-quality alloy steel high-strength plate chain, which is wear-resistant and reliable. The drive section uses a hardened gear reducer.

NE15 bucket elevator
NE15 Bucket Elevator


1, The lifting height is up to 40 meters.

2, The temperature of materials is not higher than 200°C;

3, Simple structure, small footprint;

4, Technical indicators advanced, reliable, easy maintenance.


1. Good sealing and less environmental pollution.

2. Easy operation and maintenance, and less wearing parts.

3. Low cost of use, due to low energy saving and maintenance, the use cost is extremely low.

4. Reliable operation and advanced design principle to ensure the reliability of the whole machine operation and good sealing. Less environmental pollution.

5. Structural port model with high precision. The casing is crimped and intermediately pressed, and then welded, with good rigidity and beautiful appearance.

6. The mechanical size is small, and the mechanical size of the hoist is smaller than other hoists of the same lifting amount.

7. The conveying capacity is large. The series of elevators have various specifications of NE15~NE800. The lifting amount ranges from 15 to 800 m3/h.

8. Easy to operate, less maintenance, less wearing parts. The conveyor chain is a sleeve roller chain, induced gravity discharge, used for vertical lifting of various powder and block particles.


The NE15 bucket elevator is composed of a running component, a driving device, an upper device, an intermediate casing, and a lower device.

NE15 bucket elevator
NE15 Bucket Elevator


The NE type bucket hoist is inflow feeding, and the material flows into the hopper and is lifted to the top by the plate chain, and the material is unloaded under the gravity of the material. This series of hoist specifications (11 kinds of NE15~NE800) has a large lifting capacity; and the production energy is high and the energy consumption is low. The machine adopts a fully-sealed casing with a low chain speed and almost no returning phenomenon, so the reactive power Low loss, low noise and long life.


NE bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and block materials vertically, and can also improve materials with high abrasiveness, such as fly ash, slag, limestone, cement raw material, cement clinker, cement, coal. , dry clay, etc.


Modeldelivery capacity/m3/hBucket speed/m/sSpindle speed/r/minParticle size/mmHopperUnit weight/kg/m
Volume/LBucket widthmmBucket spacing/mm


1. The support surface of the lower section of the bucket lift machine must be placed on the horizontal surface of the foundation.

2. The upper drive shaft and the lower tensioning shaft of the bucket lifter should be in the same vertical plane.

3. There should be no significant misalignment at the flange connection of the intermediate casing.

4. The position of the hopper on the traction member should be correct and securely fastened.

5. After the screw tensioning device is adjusted, the traction member should have a uniform tension necessary for normal operation.


It must be selected according to the particle size, bulk density, temperature, water content, viscosity, sharpness and other characteristics of the material, the conveying amount, and the lifting height of various models.

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