LS Screw conveyor

LS-type screw conveyor (hereinafter referred to spiral machine) structure, advanced technical indicators, head, tail bearing shell move, the middle hanging bearing rolling, moving interchangeable two structures located dustproof seals, cleaning device has a discharge end, the whole low noise, adaptable, easy operation and maintenance, expected out layout flexibility.


Screw conveyor is widely used in various industrial sectors such as building materials, electrical, chemical, metallurgy, aluminum and magnesium, coal, machinery, light industry, food and food industries; used in horizontal or less than 20 ° angle, conveying powder, granular and small fast-like materials, such as cement, coal, grain, fertilizer, ash, sand and other material temperature below 200 ℃.

Screw conveyor should not transport perishable, viscous, easy caking materials because these materials at the time of delivery will be binding on the screw and rotates without moving forward or volume of material in the hanging bearing formation plug, leaving the screw machine is not working properly.

LS-type screw machine screw diameters from 100 mm to 800 mm, a total of nine kinds of rules, the length from 4 m to 70 m, at intervals of 0.5 m of a block, the selection criteria should be in line with nominal length, optional special needs in section presented separately. 

  Press the rotary machine drive is divided into two kinds:

C1 Method – When screw conveyor length is less than 35m, single-ended drive.
C2 system of law – screw machine is greater than 35m, double-ended driving.

According to the spiral machine intermediate bearing types are divided into:

M1 is a rolling bearing, the 80000 type sealed bearings, shaft cover and sealing structure, commonly used in is not easy to come on, no gas or oil pollution to the material, the sealing effect is good, the bearing life is long, the output of material temperature ≤ 80 ℃ (order can not specify)

M2 – for the sliding bearing, a dustproof sealing device, used in the conveying high temperature (> 80 ℃), or transporting liquid material.

Technical parameters of LS type screw conveyor specification

Introduction  of screw conveyor 
   1, LS-type screw conveyor features and applications:


 Note: 1, n- speed r / min (10% deviation allowed within range)

2, Q- throughput m3 / h