TD/TH bucket elevator


At present domestic common bucket elevator is vertical, a model is in conformity with the standard TB3926-85 TD type, TH type, main characteristics, their use and type in Table 1
Table 1 TD, TH type bucket elevator, models table.

Technical Performance Table

(1) type device of TD TD transmission bucket driving unit machine has two forms, each with a YZ type reducer or ZQ (YY) type reducer. YZ type shaft mounted speed reduceris directly sheathed on the spindle head, eliminating the need for transmission platform, such as coupling, the structure is compact, light weight, and with an internal roller thrust device, check reliable. The reducer is low noise, stable running, and floating with the spindle can be installed to eliminate stress.
(2) TD type bucket elevator is equipped with four types of Q (Qian Dou), H (arc bottom bucket), type Zd (deep bucket), type Sd (deep bucket)

TD type bucket elevator performance

Bucket elevator modelTD100TD160TD250TD315
Bucket capacity/L0.150.30.460.
Hopper speed/m/s1.
Roller rotation speed/r/min67676767
Hopper TypeQHZdSdQHZdSdQHZdSd
Throughput /1,m3/h4076681106311696154142148238
Hopper Capacity,L3.
Hopper running speed/m/s1.81.82
Roller speed/r/min555548

Table hopper capacity of hopper filled with water when the volume is filled with the actual amount of similar, it does not consider the amount of fill factor Ψ during transportation,
Specific selection should be based on material size, and seek Ψ correction value, thereby correcting the value given in the table throughput.