PSL300-18-5000 vibrating conveyor

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PSL300-18-5000 type fully balanced vibrating conveyor is a short-distance conveyor with a small width of the trough. It is designed to transport 18 tons per hour, and the maximum rated length is 5 meters. The width of the trough 0.3 meters.

Vibratory conveyor
PSL Fully Balanced Vibrating Conveyor


PSL300-18-5000 type fully balanced vibrating conveyor can prevent the environment from polluting the material, and it can also prevent the material from polluting the environment.


PSL300-18-5000 type fully balanced vibrating conveyor has very little shape damage during transportation, and is especially suitable for the transportation of materials with high shape requirements, such as the charging of activated carbon roaster, the transportation in sugar process, etc.


PSL300-18-5000 type fully balanced vibrating conveyor
ModelConveying capacity (T / H)Conveying trough width (mm)Conveying trough length (mm)Motor power (Kw)
Remarks:1. The calculation of the transportation volume is calculated according to the horizontal transportation of river sand (heap density 1.6t/m3, water content 5%).2. The power of the tank body should be recalculated when installing the sealing cover, the lining plate and conveying the materials of different bulk density.3. When the conveying distance exceeds 15 meters, the segmented structure is adopted, and the site is assembled and connected.4.For the explanation of model PSL300-18-5000, the first number refers to the slot width, the second number refers to the conveying capacity, and the third number refers to the slot length.


PSL300-18-5000 type fully balanced vibrating conveyor has simple structure, few lubricating parts, convenient installation and adjustment, low maintenance workload, low energy consumption, safe operation and easy automation control.

Balanced vibratory conveyor
PSL Balanced Vibrating Conveyor


PSL300-18-5000 type fully balanced vibrating conveyor is suitable for long distance and wide slot width conveying requirements, widely used in recycling, pellet manufacturing, sawmill, plywood, OSB, food processing and agriculture industries.


During the use of the vibrating conveyor, it is necessary to regularly apply grease (No. 3 calcium-based grease) to the bearing housing and the connecting rod bearing of the drive mechanism.

Continuous operation is repeated every two weeks, and non-continuous operation is filled once a month.

Always check the fastening of each fastener and replace consumables (plate springs, coil springs, rubber springs and fasteners) for long-term damage (fatigue, defects, aging wear).

It is strictly forbidden to operate with illness.

Pay attention to check the temperature rise (feel) of the bearing part of the drive mechanism

If an abnormality is found, it must be stopped immediately for inspection.

Vibration Conveyor

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