SCG high temperature vibration conveyor


SCG high temperature vibration conveyor is a highly versatile and advanced structure high-temperature material vibration conveying equipment. It is used for conveying various powders, granules, blocks and mixtures thereof at temperatures below 300 °C.

High temperature vibration conveyor
High Temperature Vibration Conveyor


SCG high temperature vibration conveyor, large conveying capacity, high temperature resistance and good heat insulation effect, the conveying distance can be arbitrarily extended as needed.


1. It can be completely closed to transport, eliminate dust pollution, and can also be transported open;

2. The conveying capacity is large, the heat insulation effect is good, no cooling device is needed, and the power consumption is small;

3. The structure is simple, easy to debug, less variety of wearing parts, easy to maintain;

4. Start, stop quickly, stable operation, good vibration isolation performance, dry noise;

5. Easy to install, no need for special foundation and corner bolts, easy to move position;

6. The distance of single conveyor can reach 20 meters, multi-machine soft connection can be arbitrarily extended as needed;

7. Can be more points into, unloading, suitable for cement clinker and slag reservoir bottom, storage top.


The high temperature vibrating conveyor has two types: open type and closed type. The cross section of the trough can be made into various types such as circular, rectangular and trapezoidal. The feed and discharge of the trough can also be made into a small amount of feed, a little discharge, a little feed, a multi-point discharge, a multi-point feed, a point discharge and the like as needed. When the conveying distance is long, it can be connected and transported by multiple conveyors.


The SCG long-distance vibration conveyor chute is supported by a rubber spring or a steel spring. The self-synchronous operation of the two vibration motors fixed on the trough produces linear vibration of the trough.

High temperature vibration conveyor
High Temperature Vibration Conveyor


SCG high temperature vibration conveyor is widely used in the transportation of various powders, granules, blocks and mixtures of minerals, metallurgy, building materials, coal, chemical, food, medicine and other industries with temperatures below 300°C.


S C G □ □┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬│ │ │ │ ││ │ │ │ ││ │ │ │ ││ │ │ │ └────────── Conveying distance (m)│ │ │ ││ │ │ └───────────- Slot width(mm)│ │ ││ │ └───────────── High temperature material│ ││ └──────────────- Long distance│└──────────────── Conveyor

Installation and use:

The high temperature vibrating conveyor should be properly repaired, including the following:

(1) Weekly inspection, weekly check whether the connecting rod spring compression nut is loose, whether the compression is appropriate, whether the belt is tight, how to tighten the weight, whether the sealing sleeve is broken or not.

(2) Monthly inspection, check the V-belt for damage and shear the spring. Is there any crack in the vibration isolating spring, whether there is any crack at the welded joint, and whether the transmission shaft has sufficient lubricating oil.

(3) Half-year inspection, carefully inspect the welds of each part, open the transmission shaft, bearing cover, check the working condition and wear condition of the bearing, and check whether the rubber spring is aging or cracked.

(4) Annual inspection, annual maintenance of the transmission parts, replacement of damaged springs, inspection of the tank and material port wear, if necessary, partial replacement or overhaul.


1. This machine is not suitable for conveying high viscosity, high moisture content materials and flammable and explosive materials.

2. If the powdery material or the powder-based mixture is transported, the yield will decrease.

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