SSL300-18-3000 resonant vibration conveyor

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The SSL300-18-3000 resonant vibration conveyor adopts a double-mass resonance structure and is a new type of vibrating conveyor.

resonant vibration conveyor
SSL Resonant Vibration Conveyor


1. Conveying capacity is efficient, accurate and controllable;

2. Very smooth operation;

3. Minimal equipment maintenance;

4. High cleanliness.


Modular design, loading and unloading points can be configured according to the observation.

Dual-mass vibration system with vibration-damping insulation.


The conveying trough body and the equipment chassis are connected by a resonance spring to form a resonance system, and the motor and the eccentric link excitation system are mounted on the chassis, and the vibration force is transmitted to the conveying trough through the elastic connecting rod system, thereby causing the conveying trough body and the bottom. Resonance of the frame, because the mass of the chassis is larger than the conveying trough body, the trough body and the chassis are in a stable near-resonant working state, and the system tuning value can be flexibly adjusted by increasing or decreasing the weight of the chassis and the spring stiffness to target different densities. The materials and delivery volume get the best working condition.

High temperature vibration conveyor
Vibration Conveyor


The SSL300-18-3000 resonant vibration conveyor are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, food, environmental protection and other industries due to their efficient and accurate conveying capacity.


PSL300-18-4000 type fully balanced vibrating conveyor
ModelConveying capacity (T / H)Conveying trough width (mm)Conveying trough length (mm)Motor power (Kw)
Remarks:1. The calculation of the transportation volume is calculated according to the horizontal transportation of river sand (heap density 1.6t/m3, water content 5%).2. The power of the tank body should be recalculated when installing the sealing cover, the lining plate and conveying the materials of different bulk density.3. When the conveying distance exceeds 15 meters, the segmented structure is adopted, and the site is assembled and connected.4.For the explanation of model PSL300-18-3000, the first number refers to the slot width, the second number refers to the conveying capacity, and the third number refers to the slot length.

Installation and use:

Since the vibration amplitude of the chassis is significantly smaller than the vibration amplitude of the conveying trough body, and the vibration forces of the conveying trough body and the chassis substantially cancel each other, the reaction force generated in the working of the equipment is relatively small, and after being isolated by the damping system, it is transmitted to The base reaction force is further reduced, so this type of conveyor has no special requirements for the installation base.


The SSL300-18-3000 resonant vibration conveyors are not suitable for conveying viscous materials.

Vibration Conveyor

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