ZS type vibration conveyor


ZS type vibration conveyor is an important inertial vibrating conveyor. It is generally composed of vibration source-vibration motor or vibration exciter, carrier, vibration-damping support, bearing foundation and related accessory.

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ZS Type Vibration Conveyor


The ZS type vibration conveyor has a simple structure, various forms and specifications, and can meet the requirements of different use environments.


According to the requirements of the site use environment and the characteristics of the transported materials, the conveyor carrier can be processed into U-shaped grooves and tubular structures by different materials, and can be made into open or closed type according to the sealing requirements to meet different process flows. .


Since the equipment carrier is made of metal and the lubrication point is far away from the material, the machine can not only transport various kinds of normal temperature and common materials, but also can transport many unconventional materials such as high temperature and toxic; if special processing is carried out on the carrier, Process requirements for material screening, drying, heating, and cooling can be achieved during the transportation process.

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ZS Type Vibration Conveyor


ZS type vibration conveyor is widely used in medium and short distance transportation of various small block, granular and powder materials in various industries.


1. The ZS type vibration conveyor is a non-standardized conveying equipment. Its models and specifications are numerous. The equipment types and specifications listed in the table below are the values ​​of the fixed products, which are only for reference when selecting the user;

2, The vibration source of the machine – vibration motor or vibration exciter can be installed on both sides of the equipment, can also be installed in the upper or lower part, if there is no special requirements, are installed according to the side;

3, Can be on-site surveying, non-standard design, to meet special requirements.

Customers can customize DZS30-300 vibrating conveyor according to their needs.

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