GZB pendulum feeder


Pendulum feeder is suitable for beneficiation, coal, chemicals and other sectors, the granular material from the reservoir through the funnel chute delivered to various types of the affected device. Swing Feeder unsuitable transport dry powder or granular materials too, otherwise there will be dust pollution and export clogging.

Technical Data Sheet

ModelInlet/L×MmmEccentric stroke/mmNumber of swings
Maximum feed size/mmShapeFeeding Capacity/t/hMotorWeight/kg

Working principle

Pendulum feeder is composed of shell, arc plate, plate, driving device of hubei, and other components of the disc, when the motor running after the drag reducer, crank connecting rod machine arc plate do circular motion back and forth, the coal evenly discharged to other devices.

Installation instructions

Pendulum feeder directly fixed under the bin, after installing before leveling bolt It.